Post - Doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Haematology

Post-Doctoral fellowship in Molecular haematology was started in the year 2009 to provide a foundationin molecular genetics of haematological disorders for pathologists/scientists who are interested in establishing or joining a molecular lab. The main objectives of the course are to instill a broad knowledge of basic molecular biology and genetics, ability to perform a variety of molecular diagnostic assays, quality control and quality assurance, application of DNA techniques in the diagnosis of inherited and acquired haematological disorders and the ability to supervise and direct the operations of a clinical molecular diagnostic laboratory. The fellows also get a chance to hone their research skills, to develop hypothesis and develop experiments in a research project.

This is a two year course and further details regarding eligibility, application and other matters are available at

Current Fellows

Madhavi Maddali 2016-2018
Ekta Jajodia 2017-2019

Alumni of the Program and their current employment