PG Technical Diploma in Molecular Biology Methods

Technical skill training in molecular and cell biology techniques was always lagging and this course was started in 2008 to train life science graduates to learn more about techniques used in molecular and cell biology laboratories. The program will include hands on training of DNA and RNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis, restriction fragment length polymorphisms, screening for genetic variants, reverse transcriptase PCR, quantitative PCR and DNA sequencing. This course aims to equip the students to perform these techniques on their own and become confident with independent functioning in a supervised environment.

This is a two year course and further details regarding eligibility, application and other matters are available at


S. Bhuvaneswari 2016-2018
Shruthi . P 2017-2019
Divya . M 2017-2019


S. Gopinath 2008-2010
Vinodhini . K 2009-2011
Papitha . S 2009-2011
Ruth Priyanka . M 2010-2011
Sumithra . S 2011-2013
Hemamalini . T 2012-2014
Shareen Stella . B 2012-2014
Jayashree . S 2013-2015
Sukanya . G.S 2014-2016
Prashanth . S 2015-2017
Monica . S 2015-2017