DM in Haematology

The department has been a pioneer in training Post Graduates in the field of Haematology. A formal Post Graduate course in Haematology approved by the Medical Council of India was started in 1999 here for the first time in India. This is a highly sought after course for PG trainees in the country. Those who have completed the training have gone onto provide clinical services in various parts of the country, which lacks sufficient trained Haematologists.

The program has been so designed to give the resident comprehensive training in clinical and laboratory hematology. At the end of this program the personnel will have

  • Ability to establish and manage a stem cell transplant centre.
  • Strong clinical skills in managing both malignant and non malignant hematological disorders
  • Interpret laboratory data which aid in proper diagnosis
  • The ability to teach students and junior doctors
  • Carry out and guide research to enhance the science of hematology


MD in Medicine/Pathology/Pediatrics

Duration: Three years

No.of.seats: 4

Applications will be issued in Dec/ Jan every year and selection will be based on written test and interview. Course starts on 1stAugust. (Please refer for further information)

List of DM Candidates

Name of the Candidates Year
Dr. Vikram Mathews Dr. Dinesh Bhurani 2001
Dr. Biju George Dr. Dipti Talaulikar 2002
Dr. Auro Viswabandya Dr. Sharad Damodar 2004
Dr. Ashish Bajel Dr. Lakshmi Sriram 2005
Dr. Manoj Unni Dr. Vijay Ramanan 2006
Dr. M. Joseph John Dr. Sameer Melinkeri 2007
Dr. Rajasekar T. Dr. Uday Ramesh Deotare 2008
Dr. Aby Abraham Dr. S. Kannan; 2009
Dr. Rayaz Ahmed Dr. S. Neeraj 2010
Dr. Anupam Chakrapani Dr. Sachin Suresh 2011
Dr. Abhijeet P. Ganapule Dr. Kasi Viswanathan 2012
Dr. Anu Korula Dr. N. A. Fouzia 2013
Dr. Punit Lalchand Jain
Dr. Venkatesh Ekbote
Dr. Chepsy C. Philip 2014
Dr. Anup J. Devasia
Dr. Gaurav Dixit
Dr. Nisham P.N.
Dr. Nemani Sandeep Anil
Dr. Mobin Paul Dr. Reshma Roshan
Dr. Kulkarni Uday Prakash
  Dr. Pallavi Mehta 2017
  Dr.Bankar Aniket Rajiv 2017
  Dr.Subbaiah R M 2017
  Dr.Suvir Singh 2017
  Dr.Lavana Shailesh Kumar P 2017

List of Faculties Trained (Outside)

Name of the Candidates Place Year
Mrs. Ujwala Das Madhya Pradesh 2004
Ms. Hema Madhani Vellore 2004
Magapu Solomon sudhakar Chennai 2005
Dr. Anita Nadkarui Mumbai 2005
Dr. Geetha Ramachandran Chennai 2005
Ramesh .K Chennai 2005
Alwyn Gary WilliamSon South Africa 2005
MiraN Lee Korea 2005
Soo Young Jung Korea 2005
Steve K. Yoo Korea 2005
Sharifah Sabirah Bt Omar Malaysia 2005
Rozika C Phillips Solangor 2005
Chandra Bahadur Singh Madhya Pradesh 2005
John Thomas Vellore 2006
Dr. Surekha Rami Hyderabad 2006
Dr. Kalavathi Hyderabad 2006
Sajir MohamedBhai United Kingdom 2006
Dr. Reena Das Chandigarh 2006
Dr. Jwalant S. Shah Ahmedabad 2007
Mr. Hardik U. Trivedi Ahmedabad 2007
D.B. Priyadarshani S Sri Lanka 2007
Dr. Prantar Chakrabarti West Bengal 2007
Subbulakshmi. K Chennai 2008
Dr. Ranjeet Singh Mashon Orissa 2008
Geethani.K Srilanka 2008
Kuruppuarachchi Srilanka 2008

List of the year DM Candidates 2018 and 2019

S.No Name Year of joining
1 Dr. Sohini Chattopadhyay 2018
2 Dr. Sujith .K 2018
3 Dr.Madhumithra 2018
4 Dr. Tejaswini Gudibande 2019
5 Dr. Lakshmy.C.V 2019
Faculties Trained in the Department of Haematology and their current place of work