Clinical & Laboratory Training

In-service training in clinical aspects of hameatology started from the time the department started functioning in late 1980s. Many of those who trained even at that time are functioning as haematologists in the country today in major institutions. A formal post-graduate course in haematology approved by Medical Council of India was started in 1999 for the first time in India. This remains a highly sought after for this course in the country.

Apart from this post-graduate program, we also organize an annual week-long training program for teams of physicians and laboratory personnel from small hospitals to help them initiate or enhance haematology services at their hospitals. To increase awareness of haematology and attract young talent to this filed, we have also started an annual CME program for post-graduate students in medicine, pediatrics and pathology. Both these programs are done in cooperation with the Department of Immunohaematology, Transfusion Medicine and Laboratory Haematology. We also have an active program for PhD in molecular biology related to haematology. This was initiated in 1995 and 4-5 students are registered at any time through different members of the faculty. In the laboratory we have also initiated a training program to train technical staff in molecular genetics methods to meet a need in the community for such personnel.

The following training programs conducting in our department