BMT Unit


The bone marrow transplant unit (BMTU) is located in the 9th floor of "A" ward. It is a 18 bedded unit with the following facilities:

  • Biometric lock system - to ensure restricted entry.
  • Pantry room - with induction stove for double streaming patients food.
  • Changing room - there are separate male and female changing room for changing into BMTU uniform including head cap and face mask.
  • Wash room - is provided with all the facilities to ensure efficiency and ease of functioning.

Patients units

  • HEPA filters - each room is equipped with high efficiency particulate air module (HEPA) filter, which maintains positive pressure in the room and filters particles larger than 0.3 microns.
  • Clean hatch - to take clean and sterile items into the patients unit.
  • Dirty hatch - to send dirty and unsterile items into the patients unit.
  • Assessment equipments - each patient unit has separate assessment equipment
  • Wash room
    • Head shower filter - it contains 0.2 micro meter filter membrane which is changed after discharge of each patient.
    • UV treated water - the entire water supply in the patients unit is UV treated. The UV tube is changed once in 6000 hours.
  • Infusion pumps & Monitors - each room is provided with infusion pumps to administer regulated infusions and cardiac monitor for monitoring the patients.
  • Recreational facility - each room is provided with a television and DVD player. The patients are permitted to bring their own audiotapes after disinfection, and books and toys after sterilization.

Laminar Hood

It is available in the BMTU for preparation of TPN and reconstitution of cytotoxic drugs. Platelet agitator - to store the platelet.