Ph.D Programs

We also have an active program for PhD in molecular biology related to hematology. This was initiated in 1995 and 4-5 students are registered at any time through different members of the faculty.

Students receive training in various molecular genetic techniques and engage with faculty members on significant research problems in hematology. They also benefit from the opportunity to interact with clinical faculty from hematology as well as other departments

Positions are advertised when there is a vacancy in all leading newspapers. Students will be short listed according to their academic performance. Short listed students will undergo a written examination and an interview conducted by the department.

List of Ph.D graduates and the title of Research Work:

Year Name Title
1999 B.Poonkuzhali Effects of Busulfan in the preparative regimen for BMT
2001 R.V.Shaji Molecular basis of Thalassemia in India
2003 Shivakumar Flowcytometric, cytogenetic and Fluorescence in situ hybridisation studies in Indian patients with acute leukemia
2004 Everrete Glanzmann's thrombasthenia in India-Clinical, Biochemical and Molecular genetic studies
2006 Eunice Sindhuvi.E Molecular Genetics of Hemoglobin E
2008 Jayandharan.G Exploring the genetics of severe haemophilia and the basis of its phenotypic heterogeneity
2010 Shanmugaapriya.S Genetic Determinants of Outcome in Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
2010 Salamun.D.E Pharmacogenetics, kinetics and dynamics of drugs used in stem cell transplant
2010 Reena Rajasekhar Study of graft characteristics and immune reconstitution after allogeneic HSCT and their impact on outcome.
2011-2014 Ansu Abu Alex Evaluation of cellular and immune response in APML
2011-2014 Savitha V Mechanisms of resistance to Daunorubicin in acute myeloid leukemia
2011-2014 Divya J Transcriptional and translational regulation of E-globin gene
2011-2014 Kannan VM Mouse induced pluripotent stem cells
2013 Ezhilarasi C Evaluation of cellular and molecular mechanisms of resistance to arsenic trioxide in acute promyelocytic leukemia.
2015 Ajay Abraham Mechanisms of resistance to cytarabine in AML
2012-2015 Janakiram R Molecular basis of human globin gene regulation
2012-2015 Mrs. Ezhil Pavai Pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics of Fludarabine and Treosulfan in HSCT
2012-2015 Sreeja K Acute myeloid leukemia stem cells and drug resistance
2015 Rekha Athiyarath Molecular characterisation of genes involved in iron homeostasis
2016 Nishanth G Effects of NOTCH signalling on human Mesenchymal Stromal cells, homeostasis and differentiation
2017 Nancy BJ Molecular basis of Fanconi anemia in Indian population.
2017 Thiyagaraj M Molecular Mechanisms of Human globin gene regulation
2017 Sumitha E Molecular genetics of bleeding disorders
2017 Sumitha PB Molecular mechanisms of human iPSC reprogramming
2018 Saravanan
2021 Hamenth