Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry facility is a core laboratory located in the Department of Hematology, committed to offer high quality cost effective clinical flow cytometry assays to aid in the diagnosis of hematologic and immunologic disorders. We are a full service laboratory that offers a comprehensive test menu for the diagnosis of all types of leukemia, lymphomas and related hematological disorders by multiparameter immunophenotyping. Our facility features a three-laser BD FACSCanto II, capable of 10-parameter analysis, BC Navios system with 12 parameters and a two-laser BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer, capable of 6-parameter analysis for diagnosis. The specimens used for diagnosis include bone marrow, peripheral blood and cerebral spinal fluid. The other diagnostic tests include enumeration of CD34+ stem cells, lymphocyte subsets, immunodeficiencies, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria and minimal residual disease monitoring for BALL (B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia). The laboratory is enrolled for the RCPA (The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia) quality assurance program. Apart from the diagnostic services we are also involved in providing technical and educational support to clinicians, researchers and other trainees who come into our laboratory. We are also involved in multiple research projects were the facility is used as a part of the research core facility of the department. A three-laser BC Gallios flow machine with 12 parameters is completely dedicated for research purposes. The faculty and technicians assist in all educational and research activities. The staff has the required expertise for performing a variety of flow cytometry applications, including sample processing for surface and intracellular staining, functional assays and complex multi-color flow cytometry analyses.

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory offers the following diagnostic tests:

  • Immunophenotyping of Acute leukemia
  • Immunophenotyping of CLPD
  • Lymphocyte subset analysis
  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
  • ALPS (Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome)
  • Hereditary platelet disorders (Bernard-Soulier Syndrome and Glansmann's thrombasthenia)
  • CD34 enumeration
  • MRD for B ALL
  • Chronic Granulomatous disease
  • Leukocyte adhesion deficiency

Day(s) and Time(s) Test Performed ;Monday through Friday 8.00am-4.30pm, Saturday 8am-12.00pm

Maximum laboratory time for reporting: 24- 48hrs