The Cytogenetics Laboratory of our department provides a comprehensive range of chromosome assessment services for various hematological disorders to both diagnose and to guide risk-directed treatment. Chromosome analysis and Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assays can detect aneuploidy, structural rearrangements such as translocations, deletions, inversions and monitor the status of bone marrow transplant (sex-mismatched donor) in patients with hematological malignancies. In addition to these tests, chromosome breakage analysis using Mitomycin C is offered to patients with bone marrow failure to confirm a diagnosis of Fanconi anemia.

The laboratory is supported by highly trained staff including cytogenetic technologists, research personnel and department faculty. The Cytogenetics facility is equipped with high-end microscopes for bright-field, phase contrast and fluorescent imaging (Carl Zeiss, Germany). Other resources include a temperature controlled, slide processing system- Thermobrite (Abbott Molecular) for insitu- denaturation and hybridization procedures. Complete cell culture procedures which are vital for chromosome analyses are performed using standard equipment for cell culture including CO2 incubator and Laminar flow hood (Thermo Fisher Scientific). All imaging studies are performed using computer-assisted digital imaging and analysis systems supported by sophisticated software (Metasystems, Germany).

Microscope AxioImager A1 with 10X A-Plan and 100X Plan-Neofluar Objectives

Carl Zeiss

Microscope AxioImager M1 with 5X,10X A-Plan and 40X,100X Plan-Neofluar Objectives as well Fluorescent filters for DAPI,FITC,Aqua and Texas red

Carl Zeiss

Microscope Axioskop 2 Mot with 10X, 40X, 63X and 100X Plan-Neofluar Objectives as well Fluorescent filters for DAPI,FITC, and Texas red

Carl Zeiss

Microscope Axiovert with with and 20X Plan-Achromat Phase Objectives

Carl Zeiss

Microscope Axiolab with 4X,10X,40X,100X Achroplan Objectives

Carl Zeiss

Microscope Double headed with 4X,10X and 40X Phase Objectives


Two automated image analysis software for karyotyping and FISH


The laboratory also provides technical support to various national and international collaborative research projects conducted by the faculty of our department. The cytogenetics laboratory staff participate in the biannual proficiency testing for chromosome analysis and FISH conducted by the College of American Pathologists as part of the external quality assurance program.

Please follow the link provided below for a comprehensive list of services provided by the Cytogenetics laboratory: