About Us

Christian Medical College, Vellore association is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act of India. It is a non-governmental, not for profit, registered charitable institution. The primary objectives are patient care, research and training of undergraduates, postgraduates, nurses and paramedical staff. The Christian Medical College is today a referral tertiary care hospital.


Haematology services with a formal department, existed at the Christian Medical College at least from the 1950s under Dr. Selwyn Baker. The focus of work at the time appears to have been mainly on nutritional anemias and haemostasis disorders, in cooperation with the Clinical Pathology department with Dr. Robert Carman. Later, in the 1970s, this was replaced by services provided from the general medical and pediatric units of the institution with Medical Unit 1, under Dr. B.M. Pulimood taking greater interest in this subject. It was in this environment that Dr. Mammen Chandy, after his training in Australia, initiated in the mid 1980s, comprehensive services for all patients with haematological disorders, as we see in today.

Subsequently Dr. Alok Srivastava, the current Head of the Department, joined the department in 1987, underwent training in Australia between (1991-1994). Over the last 20 years we have been able to develop a team of medical and scientific faculty, Dr. Vikram Mathews in 1996, Dr. Biju George in 1997 and Auro Viswabandya in 1999. The latter three are also from the first three batches on DM (Clinical Haematology) in India. We started a Ph.D., program in 1994 and some of those who were first few among them are now on our faculty Dr. B. Poonkuzhali (2000), Ramachandran Shaji (2002), Eunice Sindhuvi (2006) and Dr. G. Jayandharan (2008).


Lymphoma Leukemia Clinic

Tuesdays & Fridays

11am - 1pm
Haematology OPD

Tuesdays & Fridays

1pm onwards
Post-Transplant Clinic

Mondays & Thursdays

Haemophilia Clinic


Day care chemotherapy

Mondays – Saturdays

8am onwards
OP procedures (Bone marrow aspiration, biopsy; Lumbar puncture, Blood transfusions, Central line dressings etc.)

Mondays – Saturdays

11am onwards *8am onwards on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Febrile Neutropenia Clinic

Mondays – Saturdays

3:30pm to 7:30 am
*12:30pm to 4:30pm on Saturdays
Closed on Sundays
Apheresis services

Mondays to Saturdays

8am onwards.